Display the criteria associated with a collection of PLN fits (a PLNfamily)

# S3 method for PLNfamily
plot(x, criteria = c("loglik", "BIC", "ICL"), reverse = FALSE, ...)



an R6 object with class PLNfamily


vector of characters. The criteria to plot in c("loglik", "BIC", "ICL"). Default is c("loglik", "BIC", "ICL").


A logical indicating whether to plot the value of the criteria in the "natural" direction (loglik - 0.5 penalty) or in the "reverse" direction (-2 loglik + penalty). Default to FALSE, i.e use the natural direction, on the same scale as the log-likelihood.


additional parameters for S3 compatibility. Not used


Produces a plot representing the evolution of the criteria of the different models considered, highlighting the best model in terms of BIC and ICL (see details).


The BIC and ICL criteria have the form 'loglik - 1/2 * penalty' so that they are on the same scale as the model log-likelihood. You can change this direction and use the alternate form '-2*loglik + penalty', as some authors do, by setting reverse = TRUE.


trichoptera <- prepare_data(trichoptera$Abundance, trichoptera$Covariate)
myPCAs <- PLNPCA(Abundance ~ 1 + offset(log(Offset)), data = trichoptera, ranks = 1:5)
#>  Initialization...
#>  Adjusting 5 PLN models for PCA analysis.
#> 	 Rank approximation = 4 
	 Rank approximation = 5 
	 Rank approximation = 1 
	 Rank approximation = 3 
	 Rank approximation = 2 

#>  Post-treatments
#>  DONE!
if (FALSE) {