Best model extraction from a collection of models

# S3 method for PLNPCAfamily
getBestModel(Robject, crit = c("ICL", "BIC"), ...)

getBestModel(Robject, crit, ...)

# S3 method for PLNmixturefamily
getBestModel(Robject, crit = c("ICL", "BIC"), ...)

# S3 method for PLNnetworkfamily
getBestModel(Robject, crit = c("BIC", "EBIC", "StARS"), ...)



an object with class PLNPCAfamilly ot PLNnetworkfamily


a character for the criterion used to performed the selection. Either "BIC", "ICL", "EBIC", "StARS", "R_squared". Default is ICL for PLNPCA, and BIC for PLNnetwork. If StARS (Stability Approach to Regularization Selection) is chosen and stability selection was not yet performed, the function will call the method stability_selection() with default argument.


additional parameters for StARS criterion (only for PLNnetwork). stability, a scalar indicating the target stability (= 1 - 2 beta) at which the network is selected. Default is 0.9.


Send back an object with class PLNPCAfit or PLNnetworkfit

Methods (by class)


if (FALSE) {
trichoptera <- prepare_data(trichoptera$Abundance, trichoptera$Covariate)
myPCA <- PLNPCA(Abundance ~ 1 + offset(log(Offset)), data = trichoptera, ranks = 1:4)
myModel <- getBestModel(myPCA)